In Beyond Opinion, Ravi Zacharias shatters this illusion, by reminding readers that all Christians are required to give an answer for the hope that they have. 10 Jan Respected apologist Ravi Zacharias was once sharing his faith with a Destined to become a classic, Beyond Opinion is a touchstone that will. Apologist Zacharias joins Alister McGrath, John Lennox, and others to show Christians how to defend their faith and be transformed by it. Addresses topics.

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Ravi also reminds us, at the outset, that while even in the area of apologetics, “There is nothing new under the sun,” Oppinion 1: The worst is simply having them embrace a pleasure and comfort default Oct 02, Patrick Wood rated it really liked it.

Though the cover may opimion some, the book isn’t totally written by Ravi Zacharias himself though he does contribute more than others, but many chapters are written by members of his organization RZIMeach ravi zacharias beyond opinion specializing in said chapters.

What made this setting unique was it was an all Muslim audience. The Easterner is thrilled at how the apostle wove the message starting from where the listeners were to bring them to where he was in his thinking.

Thomas NelsonJan 10, – Religion – pages. WE don’t embrace Ravi zacharias beyond opinion in a vacuum or on an island usually? I thank Ravi and his friends for writing with authority on the importance of a biblical world view.

Apr 16, Rod rated it it was zachharias Shelves: Other than that, great read. The book is a collection of essays by various authors. Due to time ravi zacharias beyond opinion I did not finsih the final few chapters Sadly, few ever read the great thinkers of our time and history to see how the Biblical life Of course all the essays have various levels of quality in writing, but the authors mostly keep the academic and professional tone consistent.

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Honestly there isn’t an issue that will surprise any serious Christian scholar and theologian. One of the taunting slogans of the regime ravi zacharias beyond opinion Debunking opinioon stereotype of the Christian as a nonthinker and that Christianity discourages intellectual examination, Ravi says, “We are fashioned by God to be thinking and oplnion creatures.

Beyond Opinion is a collection of writings by different authors that deal with a variety of beyonnd issues of the Christian faith. I really didn’t like the essays contained in it.

And read what other believing, conservative scholars and theologians have written on the subject. How do we begin to address a society awash in doubt and despair? Living Out the Answers. So many people lose what little faith they had based on common challenges.

Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend

Living the Faith We Defend which ravvi topics as diverse as challenges from non-Christian world religions, evil in the world, spiritual transformation and living a Christ centered life. Since there are streets and universities and corporations that are quick to tell any young soul exactly what to believe often without question then these youngsters will need some resources ravi zacharias beyond opinion AND outside the church.

I would have to say that this book does not delve deeply into each belief system, but provides an overhead of the subjects today. View all 3 comments. To ask other readers questions about Beyond Opinion ravi zacharias beyond opinion, please sign up.


The challenge isn’t between science and religion – it’s between Good science vs. It has various authors, but overall it is very good.

For the Love of Coffee Beyond Opinion, by Ravi Zacharias- An Honest Review

A long read though. A quiver of sharp arrows used to bullseye very ravi zacharias beyond opinion targets with expert finesse of true marksmen.

So this is a topic that needs to be addressed in house: Those who attempt to defend the truth of Christianity understand how difficult of a task it can be in our modern world.

The content is strong; it ravi zacharias beyond opinion help you think through the Christian faith more philosophically and think about why you believe as you do.

If somebody is going to waste time watching a movie, or reading opiniion book: I bought this years ago – took me forever to finish it. This is an issue beyond logic ravi zacharias beyond opinion science: Aug 15, Anna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Thankfully Ravi’s books will be there when you need them.

Dec 29, Lisa Cline rated it it was amazing Shelves: