Your toughest technical questions will likely get answered within 48 hours on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. The intent of this exercise is to introduce you to the structure and some of the functions of the HEC-Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS), by simulating the . 4 Apr The Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) is designed to simulate the complete hydrologic processes of dendritic watershed systems.

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Preparing soil data for CN Grid. To create the channel centerline in Banks feature classstart editing, and choose Create New Feature as hec hms tutorial Task, and Banks as the Target as shown below:. The new point will be added to the WatershedPoint hec hms tutorial class, and the new Watershed will be added to the Watershed feature class.

This discussion is beyond the scope of this hec hms tutorial. Upon successful completion of the process, the Fil layer is added to the map. These quantities are automatically computed when a feature class becomes part of a geodatabase. Longest Flow Path Method computes the centroid as the center of the longest flow path within the sub tutoria.

A point feature class showing centroid for each sub-basin is added to the map document. The output is the Flow Accumulation Hec hms tutorial having a default name of Fac that can be overwritten. To create the channel bec in Banks feature classstart editing, and choose Create New Feature as the Task, and Banks as the Target as shown below: Recommended Practice – Flood Hazard Mapping up.

Tutorial Hec Hms Basico |

Save the edits and stop the Editor. The flowpath layer contains three types of lines: Delineating Watersheds for existing points eg. This implies hec hms tutorial assumption that the stream network data are more reliable than the DEM data, so you need to hec hms tutorial knowledge of the accuracy and reliability of the data sources when deciding whether to do DEM thtorial. To digitize the upper Baxter River reach, click in the direction of flow and double click when done ehc intersection with Tule Tributary.


Select the three adjacent basins shown above using the standard select tool.

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Similar to Ineffective flow areas, the positions and elevations of the intersection of this obstruction with cross-sections needs to be stored in a table. This function populates the Hec hms tutorial field in the subbasin feature class with numbers that represent basin lag time in hours. The spatial features in conjunction tytorial the look-up table can then be used to create curve number grid.

The function needs as input a raw DEM and a linear feature class like the river network that both have to be present in the map document. The tutorials are listed below hhms subject and are not necessarily listed in the suggested order of completion.

Input to hec hms tutorial batch subwatershed delineation function is a point feature class with point locations of interest. Structures can be identified by using the aerial photograph provided with the tutorial dataset. Therefore, creating adequate number of cross-sections to produce a good representation of channel bed and floodplain is critical.

Certain guidelines must be followed in creating cross-section cutlines: This default name can be overwritten. Flow Accumulation Grid This function computes the flow accumulation grid that contains the accumulated number of cells upstream of a cell, for each cell in the input grid. Batch Watershed Delineation This function delineates the watershed upstream of each point in an hec hms tutorial Batch Point feature class.

Confirm cross-sections data, make sure all Import Data boxes are checked for crosssections, and click Hec hms tutorial accept default values for matching tolerance, round places, etc.

WMS:WMS Tutorials – XMS Wiki

Leave the other options hec hms tutorial. This process may take several minutes for a large grid! Click Yes on the message box. Confirm that the input for the Flow Accumulation Grid is Fac.

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The CN Lag Method function computes basin lag in hwc weighted time of concentration or time from the center of mass of excess rainfall hyetograph hec hms tutorial the peak of runoff hydrograph using the NRCS National Engineering Tutodial curve number method.

This function generates the aggregated upstream catchments from the Catchment feature class. The final output files for all the tutorials can be downloaded here. The left and right flowpaths must be digitized within the floodplain in the downstream direction. Save the map document as cedar.

Snapping of all the reaches at the hec hms tutorial is necessary for connectivity and creating HEC-RAS junction so make sure the three reaches are snapped correctly. Click on Select Profiles to Export button, and choose the profile you want to export. This function will export the information hec hms tutorial hydrologic elements nodes and linkstheir connectivity and related geographic information to a text file with.

In this context a watershed, such as was delineated above is the entire area upstream of a point, while a subwatershed is the area that drains directly to a point of interest excluding any area tutogial is part of another subwatershed.

Hec hms tutorial will approximate the bridge width to about ft station todeck elevation as 84 ft high chord and 6ft deep low chord as shown below: If you expand the CedarCreek basin in watershed explorer, you will see the list of junctions, reaches and subbasins.