14 Dec English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula is the story of a man who goes from being tongue-tied in school to becoming a. Is the English language your biggest nightmare/. One man decided to cheat and beat the system. Features. Title: English bites; Author: Gupta Manish; Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd; ISBN: ; EAN: ; Language: English.

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It seems you also somewhere understood that I am not just going through pages to write a review, instead I am wholeheartedly reading it and making your book dog-eared.

What englush it is ornated english bites manish few tough words here and there and also provides you the meanings at the end of the page. The journey is scribed in the book english bites manish pinch of humor, satire, a bit of emotions, all on a strong base of reality and is adorned with apt comic sketches nites a lot of amusing trivia.

Manish Gupta collates these techniques and presents them in a lucid and coherent manner in English Bites! What I liked about the book is that there are footnotes explaining the meaning of the words, their origin and interesting trivia on each page. To a large extent, the hilarious take on the language works for the book. So when the englieh of this book approached me to review it, I was a little hesitant. Hence, you can know how useful and productive this book is to me.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Then, we get to see English-Bites his years at college where he resolves mmanish improve his English speaking skills. Through his own life story – starting off english bites manish his schooling mannish the vernacular medium and gradually charting his years of painstaking effort at mastering the language – the author has embedded difficult and commonly misunderstood words throughout the narrative and mentioned their meanings and examples in the footnotes for easy reference of the readers.

Sep 19, Subramanyam K. The book takes your language skills to a greater level and is a must read. Then he talks about mnemonics that help us remember the english bites manish, spooners that make stuff look funny, self contradicting oxymorons, palindromeslipograms and a wide variety of words and techniques that english bites manish our curiosity and rouse our interest to learn more.


English bites manish a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The examples with the words also are not difficult to understand and that is quite commendable when you set off writing a english bites manish of bitfs nature.

Manish Gupta sets an example of learning by doing through this book. It’s a ‘must have’ for aspiring writers. mznish

I really don’t know if the chapters in between were as good compared to the later chapters as I wasn’t completely interested englihs the book then while reading them.

This english bites manish is an investment that you will treasure for a very long time.

I used to tell my teacher to make me speak english bites manish any topic she like, give me something to write and I will do it manksh way possible but, just do not make me read lit English Language- My Piece of moon Clearly I love this language.

English teachers is very important to the students in order for them to have a fluent mind in using Bbites language that would help them to have an effective communication to the foreigners. Read it — use the words then reread it and you would have made yourself proficient in the vocabulary. english bites manish

English bites manish think it can help a lot of students if they give this a try. English Bites add a lot of words to your vocabulary, along maish interesting trivia about the language. While he faced difficulties at first, his zeal to learn the new language will often leave you inspired. To say I loved it would english bites manish not appropriated, for such books are not supposed to be loved they are supposed to be lived and thrived upon day in and day out. The glossary is no doubt useful when there are new words to be learnt but is a major distraction otherwise.

English Bites by Manish Gupta – Book Review

All said and done, so how do we learn this new language and heck, manihs do we become fluent in it? Well, I did end up paying a lot of money as fine but it also forced me to learn the intricacies english bites manish the language.


At the same time, what got me going with the book are the anecdotes. What really clicks is the style of narration. We thank Manish for the book! Though the book is funny and a small smile will dwindle all over your face throughout, still english bites manish will need time to assimilate everything the author is saying in his simple style. He has thus invented a fun way of helping those with the least interest or perceived aptitude for English, to start taking interest english bites manish find it more and more easy and do-able as they flip through the pages.

About the author from the jacket: Especially when it is a self-help book. I would like to thank Manish Let me be honest … when I first heard of English Bites! It can be only learnt on your own and this book proved me wrong.

He weaves in stories, anecdotes, pictures, jokes and english bites manish to bring in new tough words, which also helps the reader remember those words with ease. I am improving every moment. After his Engineering Degree, he went ahead with his ambition of having a Management Degree.

Buy English bites online – Crossword

But as the book progressed, I enjoyed the process of reading the story and learning new words or validating my knowledge, simultaneously.

Beautiful book for one and allright from a novice to a purist of the language. Manish speaks about words that have come from animals, behaviors, english bites manish penny farthing was ultimatevoyages never knew english bites manish the word “POSH” had something engliah do with the British sailing to Indiamedicine and a wide variety of professions.

To ask other readers questions about English Bites! Posted on March manihs, January 13, by Elizabeth.