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It dwells between the two eye brows of kings. He sleeps on luxurious beds.

It is so unstable and unreliable. The poet compares three choices of begging available for a hungry person to fill up his belly. Gives us comfort and luxury. On the saatakam hand, we know pretty well that pleasures are accompanied by hardships and pains. Youthful pleasures vanish with afflux of time. Every thing is in reality purposeless. Working with great prowess; 6. He expresses his unconcern: The entire change is owing to the Great FAte! Available always and daily.

Sense of welfare is hit by both physical and mental illnesses. Those who want luxuries and pleasures will be obedient to you. This he considers painful. That Great Assembly of Scholars!


Bhartruhari Neeti Satakam ( భర్తృహరి నీతి శతకము )

In the 6th and 7th Centuries India, there was great emphasis on helping others. The ascetic who considers that Gods like the Creator, etc. Yet, I prefer Siva. All other ornamentation will degenerate.

Using palm as bowl for begging 2. Night well lit with moon’s rays. Second instalment, they received threatening poisonous fire. Mooksha Strive for delieverance from the terrible cycle of births, old age and death. A scholarly saint who can distinguish between strains of principles of philosophy?

I heartfully once again thankful to your great contribution in translating in equally poetic style. From Himalayas to the earth. A king, like a prostitute is fickle. When oldage sets in it will be like digging a well, when the house has caught fire.

Bhratruhari Subhashitalu

bhartguhari People even if emaciated, expect results according to their capacities. The poet compares his failed life to a lamp lit in an empty house, which is wasted.

Ignorant people think on these lines and confine themselves in the prison of family. We are equal to you by virtue of the scholarship and talent filled glory obtained by us serving the preceptor. In the midst of enemies. They are too minuscule and small.


Bhartrihari Subhashitam

They forego pleasures of family by renunciation. His idea is, God can be called by any number of names. He wonders ‘What is permanent?

Salute to him, in whom the following qualities reside: Gelugu he refers to the behaviour of kings, it applies to all bosses, employers, masters, and superiors. The Death is ready to pounce upon.

Bhartruhari Sataka Trisati – Neeti Satakam – Meaning | Vaidika Vignanam

All my pride fell like fever. The poet is extremely critical about begging for money at the doorsteps of stingy barons. Loving to kneel down at the feet of the preceptor; 3.

Not losing balance even when rich; 5. Having been captured and enamored by this World, we lose all our shame and sense of modesty. He recalls the halcyon days:

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